Equipment (Upgrades)

Improve equipment performance

In today’s industrial environment upgrading equipment increases process performance in very discernible ways – from increased capacity and reduced energy costs to higher efficiency and decreased maintenance and downtime. These are exactly some of the advantages of upgrading your existing Batchmaster® II and Batchmaster® III counting systems to the latest Batchmaster® IV control and batching platform.

These upgrades eliminate the need for compressed air and costly linkages associated with gate movements further reducing operating, spare parts, and maintenance costs.

The productivity of virtually any type of part counter – be it a Batchmaster® I, II, II "S", III or another brand name – can be increased simply by changing out the electronics package. You can utilize your existing stand, hopper and feeder bowl (depending on condition) and exchange your existing electronics package for a Batchmaster® Continuous Counter controller, driver and part processing unit—complete with our Patented Dual View Optical Scanner. Increase counting speed and accuracy without increasing the footprint.