Equipment (Weighers)

Batchmaster® FAW (Fast Automatic Weighers)

The Batchmaster® FAW is a single head bowl fed scale capable of accurately delivering finished batches at rates that meet or exceed bulky dual head in-line scales in a much smaller, portable footprint. High output speeds result from patented dual chamber accumulation, while outstanding accuracy is due to our unique out of tolerance batch reject system. 

Standard Features

Patented dual chamber accumulation, continuous run operation, dual output bulk-fine feeder bowl, to-the-piece batch top off, out of tolerance, batch reject feature, weight-to-piece converter, storable set-up parameters, no changeover tooling, self-diagnostics, microprocessor controls. Ideal for higher count batches of hard goods to include fasteners, hardware, sporting goods, pet supplies and medical or dental devices 

Available Configurations

  • FAW24 bowl feed
  • FAW24-R bowl feed with remote load cell
  • FAW-B belt feed
  • FAW-BR belt feed with remote load cell
  • FAW-T tray feed
  • FAW-TR tray feed with remote load cell for large batches


29" wide x 50" deep with standard hopper, 32" wide x 72" deep with Sure Feed Hopper Lift Pre-feeder, Height varies depending on configuration and adjustment

Available Feeder Bowls

24EGV/DO: 24" OD with dual axis high-speed feeder All bowls are the dual output design with bulk feed for 90-95% batch accumulation and a singulated to-the-piece top-off feed. Bowls are configured to include Ultra-liner for part protection and noise abatement and a conical dissipater for gentle efficient product flow.

Air Requirements

60-80 psi, clean dry air

Power Requirements

120 VAC, 1 Phase, 60 Hz @ 15 Amps