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Counting Machines

Batchmaster® IV Continuous Counter

Batchmaster® counting machines are the only counters that utilize patented dual view scanners that provide the highest accuracy count possible. Out of tolerance parts are rejected prior to entering a package. The latest Batchmaster® IV counter is an accurate high speed counting system that detects and rejects parts one-third smaller or larger than a target part thereby separating the good parts from the bad. The processing unit is designed with a transparent front panel for visual inspection of gate movement and product flow. These counters can easily integrate with upstream and downstream packaging equipment. Batching Systems can provide standalone counters or fully integrated turnkey packaging systems.

The Batchmaster® IV Counter now includes bar code reading and recipe management. Advanced programming and large 10.4" color touch screen provide user friendly intuitive set-up, data monitoring, self-diagnostics, verified motion control technology, remote access, multi-language options, and custom password lock outs.
BMIV DV100 5G Counter
Electronic parts counter
Dual BMIV DV100 5G Counting Machine
2 Electroinc product counting machines utilizing 1 HMI.

Standard Features

Our counting machines have patented dual view optics, 3-D imaging, in-flight volume analysis, self-diagnostics, out of tolerance reject, high resolution scan, multiple dump feature, clean contact surfaces, partial accumulation feature, storable set-up parameters, continuous run operation, touch screen controls, expandable network, hydraulic stand on casters, compatible controls, no changeover tooling. Two-gate body disassembles without tools in seconds for easy cleaning.

Power Requirements

120 VAC, 1 Phase, 60 Hz @ 15 Amps

Part Size Range

Counts parts from 1/16" up to 3" x 7 1/2". Depending on size of scanner



Nuts, Bolts, Washers, screws, Medical and dental devices, food, toys, fasteners, jewelry crafts and beads, aerospace hardware, pet supplies, sporting goods, plumbing, electronics, candy, tablets, rings, etc.

Air Requirements

No air or gate sensors required. All movements controlled and verified with stepper motors.


50” deep x 30” to 34” wide. Height varies depending on configuration and adjustment.

Available Vibratory Feeder Bowls

  • 24 EGV: up to 500 linear inches of feed per minute
  • 30 EGS: up to 300 linear inches of feed per minute
  • 15 C/24 OT: up to 250 linear inches of feed per minute
  • 18 C/30 OT: up to 250 linear inches of feed per minute

Batchmaster Counter Video Resources

Batchmaster® IV 5 Gate Counter

Batchmaster® IV 2G 100mm Filling Bags

Batchmaster® IV 5G 100mm Counter Filling Boxes

Batchmaster® IV 5G 150mm Counter Counting Wrapped Soap

Batchmaster® IV 5G 50mm Counter Counting Small Products

Batchmaster® Part Counting Machines Offer:


Small foot print that can weigh a wide variety of shapes and sizes with no tooling. Weigh “count” or weigh batches by pounds, ounces, kilograms, or grams.

Quick Changeover

Typical product changeover of 2 minutes or less. Recipe set ups can be saved on system or remote network. Bar code scanner can be added for quicker loading of saved recipes.


System integration to any type of packaging machine. Designed for short or long production runs.

Cost Savings

Virtually no wear parts, servo motors with no linkages. Decrease or eliminate product giveaway with this new patented precision filling technology

Count Accuracy

Patented Dual View Scanner verifies the 3D volume of each part in real time. Out-of-tolerance product can be rejected before entering the package


Increased output, 2 to 3 times faster than other counters on the market. Can count at over 100 batches per minute

Volumetric Accuracy

Accumulated volumes routinely exceeds multi-head weigher accuracy and speeds

VMAS Technology

Verified Movement & Speed of all mechanical movements via a true closed loop system, making this equipment easily validated

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