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Kit Packaging Equipment

Multiple Batchmaster® counters & Weighmaster® Scales working together to result in Automated Packaging Systems that satisfy the most demanding of customers.

BSI specializes in bringing Batchmaster® Counters and Weighmaster® Scales together with collating conveyors and automated packaging equipment such as baggers, box handling equipment, blister carousels and clamshell systems to provide turnkey kit packaging lines. The modular design of the counters and scales adds versatility to the lines allowing fillers to be added to the system for expandability, or be removed and used to fill an additional automated packaging machine when not needed on the line. The systems are wired for power, air and controls to accommodate the maximum number of fillers the load area will bear allowing the line to grow with your business or change with your product line. In-line or horseshoe configurations are also available.


Sequential ramp up/ramp down, error tracking and downstream reject, positive entry, infeed funnels, self-diagnostics, safety and shut down alarms, touch screen displays, production records, automatic empty or run-out, A/B kit capability, Allen Bradley controls, optional WinSysCom kit storage software

Power Requirements

120 VAC, 1 Phase, 60 Hz @ 10 Amps OR 220 VAC, 3 Phase, 60 Hz (Depends on Configuration)


Game pieces or multiple color toys, ready-to-assemble furniture, automotive aftermarket kits, multiple flavor packs of candy, surgical kits or medical device assemblies, promotional packs, electrical installation kits, communication installation kits, security fence installation kits, frozen mixed vegetables or food, hobby and craft kits, jewelry, crafts and beads, plumbing assemblies, sporting gear & accessories .


Air Requirements

8 SCFM @ 80 psi, clean dry air


42” to 48” deep x 27” wide. Height varies depending on configuration and adjustment
Kit Line with 250 Bagger
Bagmaster® 400
Sample Kit Bags
Kit Line with Manual Load Stations
Kit Line with Manual Load Stations
6 BMIII Counters with Sharp Max Bagger
6 BMIII Counters with Sharp Max Bagger
4 FAW24 Bowl Feed System
4 FAW24 Bowl Feed System

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