Vertical Form Fill and Seal Baggers Offer:


run a variety of films including polyethylene and laminate film structures with impulse or resistance sealing systems


system integration to a variety of packaging machines. Designed for short or long production runs. Does not require expensive tooling for different film widths


specifically designed for heavy duty applications. Utilizing 30 years of experience in frozen food, hardware, toy and industrial product applications


run up to 50 cycles per minute

State of the art electronics

 controls architecture implemented in accordance with PackML and PackML Tags to provide standardized integration of upstream and downstream equipment. Includes a standard 10.4” operator friendly color touch screen


compact footprint with low overall height and easy access to interior of machine

Cost Savings

produces bags from flat web material typically providing cost savings of approximately 75% when compared to using pre-made bags


increased output for all your packaging needs resulting in cost effective, efficiently filled packages

Bagmaster® 250

Bagmaster® 400

Batching Systems, Inc
Batching Systems, Inc

Equipment (Baggers)

Bagmaster® 250 & 400 Baggers

Our “NEW” Bagmaster® 250 or 400 Vertical Form, Fill, and Seal Bagging Machine is a state of the art, high speed bagging system that makes bags out of flat stock film, with the bag formed around the product. It is designed and engineered for use in non-food as well as food applications and uses polyethylene and supported clear or pre-printed films.

The Bagmaster® controls architecture has been implemented in accordance with PackML and PackML Tags to provide standardized integration of upstream and downstream equipment. All of this leads to improved system performance and Overall Equipment Effectiveness for the end-user.

Standard Features

Configured to meet NEMA 12 (IP52) standards, Robust open frame design provides excellent access to the machine interior, Web transport system with servo motor driven friction pull belts, Quick-opening pull belt mechanism (pneumatically operated) for ease of material set-up and size change-over, Machine control via 10.4” color touch screen, including intuitive operator guidance, fault diagnostics with help text for trouble shooting, and production data acquisition, Program memory for 100 production recipes, Servo driven cross jaw movement, Product-in-jaw feature brings the machine to a stop if the seal bars do not close completely, Constant / resistance heat sealing system, Single film reel support with pneumatic film reel spindle, Motor powered packaging material unwind at rear of machine controlled via position monitoring of the dancer arm provides material infeed with precise web tension control, Semi-automatic web tracking adjustment (left/right correction) via touch screen powered by a DC gear motor, Forming set for one bag size (pillow style), size TBD, Electrical synchronization for dosing system (weigher, counter, auger, etc.)


3’5: wide x 4’8” deep x 4’5” tall

Air Requirements

8 SCFM @ 80 psi, clean dry air

Power Requirements

220/480/575V, 1PH, 60Hz OR 220-575V, 3PH, 60Hz  7KVA 


Programmable warning beacon, Automatic web tracking, Side gusset device, Flat-bottom bag device, Tear notch device for easy bag opening, Hole punch (round, sombrero, etc.), Poly seal system (impulse), Anti-static bar and nozzle options, Adjustable bag discharge chute, Bag support and eject unit at discharge, Gas flush accessories with integrated controls, Filling tube dust extraction, Air relief film perforator, Integration of a variety of thermal transfer printers, Additional emergency stop switch at rear of machine, cUL listed electrical control panel, Photoelectric registration mark sensor, Foam rubber air expeller, Product catch plates mounted atop cross seal jaws, Product drip pan above machine, Frame extensions to increase machine height 

Bagmaster C295 Bagging Machine

The Bagmaster® C295 vertical centerfold bagging machine will fill product into the bag being formed through the side of the bag. This produces a bag without a back seal which allows for full panel graphics enhancing market appearance as well as for printing on the front and / or back of the bag. Header and hole punch options make an attractive retail package. The bagger uses centerfold or pre-applied recloseable zipper film and is specifically designed and engineered for heavy duty industrial applications. The C295 machine can be integrated with Batchmaster® Counters or Weighmaster® FAW scales to form a turnkey packaging system.

Standard Features

Bagmaster® controls including 10.4” color touchscreen; Painted, welded tubular steel machine frame; Servo motor-driven film pull belts and cross jaw; Web encoder; End-of-film sensor; Machine guarding with safety interlocks; Electrical synchronization with dosing system; Product-in-jaw safety circuit; Lined product catch plates above cross seal jaws; Bag air expellers; Product infeed chute; Interface for printer; Interface for take-away-conveyor

Role Specifications

Up to 20” diameter, 3” core 


Registration mark sensor, warning beacon, hole punch, header seal, bag support shelf, thermal printer, perforation, tear notch, cUL listed electrical control panel, cell pack


Power Requirements

220 VAC, 1 Phase, 60 Hz @ 10 Amps 

Air Requirements

80-100 psi, clean dry air


990mm (39”) wide x 1,345mm (53”) x 1,160mm (46”)

Bag Dimensions

Width: 80mm - 295mm (3.2” – 11.5”)
Length: 75mm – 295mm (3” - 11.5”)

Bagmaster® C295