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BSI offers product filling machinery by count, weight, or volume serving a wide variety of industries. Our systems are highly engineered and rugged, offering reliable and precise count accuracy, while at the same time providing maximum operational flexibility.

Batching Systems, Inc.

50 Jibsail Drive
Prince Frederick, MD 20678 USA
Phone: (410) 414-8111


To request free literature or our DVD/CD or to discuss an application please contact the sales department

Fax: (410) 414-8121


Field service, In-house repairs, Phone support

Fax: (410) 414-8121

Most service issues can be resolved by calling a BSI service engineer at (410) 414-8111 ext. 127

Spare Parts

Fax: (410) 414-8121
To order spare parts call (410) 414-8111 ext.130

What Others Say!

“Thank you guys for hosting us at your facility! We are really looking forward to getting your machines up and running in our facility. I left the office today feeling very assured that this was going to really make a positive impact on our operation. Dave, you have a first class operation with some great people supporting the business that you and your father built.”

Eric M.

“I wanted to drop a line simply to restate our appreciation for the fine service and support you have given us over the years. As you know your equipment is our preferred choice and has been operating tirelessly for some time, despite, admittedly, our punishing conditions and probably without sufficient preventive maintenance.”

Robert P.

"We are very happy with the machine that we purchased and the performance we are achieving. We look forward to adding additional equipment to our bagging operation. We again thank you and your staff for all their assistance and we look forward to a long prosperous relationship for both parties."

Jim G.

“We have been pleased with the performance of the equipment and the increase in business we have secured as a result. It would be safe to say that if we have a future need for packaging equipment, BSI would be our first choice.”

Robert H.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the outstanding service we recently received from Batching Systems, Inc. From concept thru installation I found your people to be of the highest caliber and completely professional. Because of their attention to due diligence our productivity greatly increased in the kitting department from the moment your equipment was put into operation. While your equipment is not the only equipment we have in operation I can tell you with certainty that it is the best we have, along with the most reliable. If future quality in products and service are at the level of previous products and service there will be no competition.”

David C.

"Robin - Please let everyone at Batching Systems who helped us get through all these retrofits, that we have had a significant improvement in our up time and production output has increased by almost 30% since taking on this project. I will be petitioning for us to have the equipment tuned annually (which I believe is your recommended time frame – correct?) so the equipment doesn’t turn back into “That darn equipment”! Thank you especially, for all your help!"

Jim V.

“Leonard - We enjoyed having you at our facilities. You were courteous and patient with our employees. I particularly appreciated your genuine interest and concern in making sure that the machines were running properly before you left on Friday. Thank you. “

Ron K.

"Leonard, I wanted to let you know the changes you made to the setup of our counters has been a HUGE improvement! I can’t believe how much better the system is working. I was up there for about 30 minutes on Friday and there was only one fault…and the fault reset automatically without manual intervention. Thank you for the help!"

Larry J.

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50 Jibsail Drive Prince Frederick, MD 20678


Phone: (410) 414-8111
Fax: (410) 414-8121