What’s the big deal? How can a scanned count be more accurate than statistical weighers?

Answer: Scanning technology looks for the whole piece and nothing but the piece. Scraps, chips, stuck together bunches can be clearly identified, resulting in a better and more accurate fill for your package. 

Counters are very product-specific and we run a lot of different items. Would I need a counter for each item?

Answer: This is one of the greatest myths out there. BSI production counting machines can be changed from product to product in less than two minutes. Typical models can handle a wide range of sizes: DV60s from a 1/16th inch ball to a piece 1-1/2 inch wide to 3-3-1/2 inches long and the DV100s from a 1/4 inch ball to 2-1/2 inches wide to 6-plus inches long. Other DV sizes are available up to 250 mm square. 

How can I determine whether my product will run on a scanned product counting machine?

Answer: Generally, if a handful of product can be picked up without product tangling – like a barrel of monkeys – your product probably can be scanned, counted and batched. E-mail a picture or send us a sample and we will analyze your product free. 

Won’t scanning and counting be too slow for my application?

Answer: Like multi-head scales, counter scanners are available in multi-lane linear and multi-lane radial versions that are capable of meeting or exceeding your current production fillers. 

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